Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cooking With Connor

Today we decided to make come cup cakes :)

We used White wings Tripple Choc muffins.

Yum Yum.

The thing about me is I only like cooking if Im doing something different.  So I decided to mix in some colored choc chips :)

The make them look pretty :D

So I mixed it all together 

Cant wait to eat some of this mix 

Con loved it too.  Then we had a tantrum because he wanted cake NOW!  Didn't get that you had to cook it first. LOL 

SO in the oven they go.  
 And we waited and waited......... finally they were ready :)

They look messy but yummy 

Sooooooo chocolaty!

And as you can see Connor LOVED IT! (He doesn't have cake very often.)

That was our first Cooking with Connor.
I hope you liked it :D
Have a Yummy Chocolaty day!

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