Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning!!

I'm actually in a pretty good mood considering the awakening I received this morning.
My 2 yr old, Connor took it upon himself to get out of bed, make his way into my bedroom and poke me in the eye ball while I lay there peacefully.
This has become a morning ritual for Connor that i'm not to pleased with.
I have to say he does shake it up a little with the act that wakes me.....
Sometimes a good slap in the face works,  yelling mummy through his dummy while spraying spit onto my face works or a good yank of my hair!
All of these awakenings usually make for a grumpy mummy!

Today I feel good.  At 12 I have 2 great Friends coming around.  Gonna chat and have my nails re filled.
I'm thinking red tips today if Nicole brings that acrylic :D

Maybe..... :)
Im pretty lucky to have a friend who does nails from home.  It would be impossible to get then re filled every two weeks (my nails grow stupidly fast) if I had to take the kids to a salon.

Anyway Good Morning to all.  I hope your all in a good mood and are expecting a fun day :)

Stay Tuned to my YouTube channel 
for a Valentines Day hair style in the next few days


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  1. I agree to all comments about waking up to a delightful 2 year old! :) have a nice lunch!