Friday, February 4, 2011

Remington Tribal Tong Review

Remington Tribal Tong 

The new revolution in curling your hair are the clamp-less Tongs.
I purchased this tong from The Good Guys here in Adelaide for $44 AUS.
So I would classify this as middle of the range price wise.
The handle is a purple snake skin design.

One this I love about this is that the cord spins at the base of the handle.  So no getting tangled.
The tong came with a glove u can use when curling ur hair so u dont burn yourself. 
I didnt use it and Yes I did burn my hand. :C

So to try this tool out I went ahead and did a full head of curls (Leaving out my fringe because i dont like my fringe springing up in my face :D)

This is what it looks like not styled.
Quite ringlety.

I then sprayed some fudge Smoothie on my hair to smooth it and get some shine happening.  
Then I took my wide tooth comb and combed it all out. 

I have to say I really liked this tool.  I normally dont buy hair tools from anywhere besides Hair Wholesalers or Salons, but I wanted to review something that is accessible to everyone :)
This is a great tool ad I believe you could do alot with it.
Please comment if you would like a vid tut on this look :D

Have a great hair day 


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