Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cooking With Connor

Today we decided to make come cup cakes :)

We used White wings Tripple Choc muffins.

Yum Yum.

The thing about me is I only like cooking if Im doing something different.  So I decided to mix in some colored choc chips :)

The make them look pretty :D

So I mixed it all together 

Cant wait to eat some of this mix 

Con loved it too.  Then we had a tantrum because he wanted cake NOW!  Didn't get that you had to cook it first. LOL 

SO in the oven they go.  
 And we waited and waited......... finally they were ready :)

They look messy but yummy 

Sooooooo chocolaty!

And as you can see Connor LOVED IT! (He doesn't have cake very often.)

That was our first Cooking with Connor.
I hope you liked it :D
Have a Yummy Chocolaty day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Day After Valentines Day!

Hey Hey Guys,

Carl surprised me last night with Flowers, Chocolates wine and a Jolt (Its and energy drink. He knows me all to well) and a beautiful Card :D

Look how pretty my flowers are.

Then we went out to Dinner in Town to The Stag :D  MMM Yummy Steak!

And for some reason Carl was trying to get me to have lots of cocktails. :)
This one was yummy.  But the next one I had tasted like lickerish  :(

We had a fantastic time and were back getting the kids by 9pm :)
If your in Adelaide I highly recommend the Stag.  The staff are wonderful and the food was awesome.

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentines day just I we did. 
Comment and tell me what you did I would love to know.


Necklace and Bracelet made by Belinda Zanello 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Early Valentines Day Everyone!

Valentines Day is in 2 Days and I thought Id make some Valentines Day Hair Tutorials.

I really hope you like them.
I have to say that I'm really enjoying making my videos and I'm getting really good feedback :D

Thank you so much to all of you that watch them!

Now that I have Uploaded my Video for today and am now typing this blog... Its Time (4:00pm LOL) to get in PJs and muck around with the Kiddies.
Carl is away for work all weekend so its just us.

Hope your day was GRAND.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning!!

I'm actually in a pretty good mood considering the awakening I received this morning.
My 2 yr old, Connor took it upon himself to get out of bed, make his way into my bedroom and poke me in the eye ball while I lay there peacefully.
This has become a morning ritual for Connor that i'm not to pleased with.
I have to say he does shake it up a little with the act that wakes me.....
Sometimes a good slap in the face works,  yelling mummy through his dummy while spraying spit onto my face works or a good yank of my hair!
All of these awakenings usually make for a grumpy mummy!

Today I feel good.  At 12 I have 2 great Friends coming around.  Gonna chat and have my nails re filled.
I'm thinking red tips today if Nicole brings that acrylic :D

Maybe..... :)
Im pretty lucky to have a friend who does nails from home.  It would be impossible to get then re filled every two weeks (my nails grow stupidly fast) if I had to take the kids to a salon.

Anyway Good Morning to all.  I hope your all in a good mood and are expecting a fun day :)

Stay Tuned to my YouTube channel 
for a Valentines Day hair style in the next few days


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

kandee Johnson the make-up artist

I wanted you guys to know about Kandee Johnson.  (If you didnt already) She is my inspiration to make videos.

This is her make up blog.
kandee the make-up artist: THE FAST Make-Up for New Moms, busy teens, or anyone really!

This is her Make up channel

She is anamazing mummy and Beauty Guru :D


Whats coming up???

Hey guys
I wanted to show you all a sneak peek of some of the Styles I will be Uploading on my YouTube channel this week

These and many more...

Stay Tuned to for these styles

Hope your having a smashing day


Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is why.....

Hey guys, Hope you are all well.
Im really going to try and blog every day but yesterday was flat out.  I was even thinking I might just start out by blogging on the days I dont make a Youtube vid.  So maybe one day vid one day blog....
Anyway,  As I sit here and type, Im make up-less, Bed headed and looking a hot mess!!

Connor is playing with his Thomas's on the floor and Angelique is in her bouncer watching him.

I wanted to blog about my vids on youtube and how excited I was when Youtube approached me and asked me to Partner :D
Im the Type of person that cant just sit around... I love looking after my kids and being home with them, but I do like to have other projects on the go as well.  I love to study but this Yr I forgot to organise it quick enough and misses the cut off.  (I did have Angelique at the end of last yr when I should have been enrolling LOL so i guess I can be excused LOL)
So I was thinking what can I do to keep myself thinking and not turning into a ball of baby mush.... ;)
I am a hairdresser by trade and quite alot I get people asking me what can i do with my hair, or how do I do this and so on...
I used to spend a bit of time on Youtube watching Beauty guru's Like Kandee Johnson, lilcammo93 and juicystar07 and thought I might try it out.
I have had a lot of good feed back and some not so good feed back.  But If I have learnt anything from watching those other guru channels is that there is haters all over Youtube and the world and to not let them bother u.

I love making my videos and love when people write to me saying how much I have helped them with there hair.
I have only been making Youtube video's for just under 2 months and a week ago I received an email from Youtube asking me to be partner!
I couldnt believe it.  I thought that took years!  I kept wondering how did they even see my channel.
Anyway I went through the process and I am officially a partner.
I can revenue share and earn money through my videos, have a better channel layout and appear higher on searches :D
pretty happy about it.
So if anyone that reads this is thinking of posting some videos to Youtube or any other video sharing site.  Just do it! Dont be afraid just do it.

If any of you have a Youtube channel already, Post it in the comments below and Ill check it out :D


Friday, February 4, 2011

Remington Tribal Tong Review

Remington Tribal Tong 

The new revolution in curling your hair are the clamp-less Tongs.
I purchased this tong from The Good Guys here in Adelaide for $44 AUS.
So I would classify this as middle of the range price wise.
The handle is a purple snake skin design.

One this I love about this is that the cord spins at the base of the handle.  So no getting tangled.
The tong came with a glove u can use when curling ur hair so u dont burn yourself. 
I didnt use it and Yes I did burn my hand. :C

So to try this tool out I went ahead and did a full head of curls (Leaving out my fringe because i dont like my fringe springing up in my face :D)

This is what it looks like not styled.
Quite ringlety.

I then sprayed some fudge Smoothie on my hair to smooth it and get some shine happening.  
Then I took my wide tooth comb and combed it all out. 

I have to say I really liked this tool.  I normally dont buy hair tools from anywhere besides Hair Wholesalers or Salons, but I wanted to review something that is accessible to everyone :)
This is a great tool ad I believe you could do alot with it.
Please comment if you would like a vid tut on this look :D

Have a great hair day 


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some of what I have to offer..

Step By Step Braiding Techniques.
Easy to follow.
Simple Hair.

Changing the world, one hairstyle at a time

Hey guys,
This is my first of many blog entries.  I have a YouTube Channel - /AussieMumofCrazyTown  and YouTube as asked me to be Partner.  Im extremely excited about this.  But in the process of applying it said I have to have my own url.  Meaning my own website.  So i thought the best way to do this was to create a blog.  I have been meaning to create a blog for a long time and this was the little push I needed.

On this blog Im going to Review Hair products, Make up and other beauty products.
Im also going top write about my day to day life with my kids, as my partner doesn't like me posting videos about them.  But just writing about them is a bit different.

I really hope you all enjoy this blog and email me any requests for reviews.

Please Follow me on Twitter @AussieMummma
And Dailybooth  @AussieMumofCrazyTown

Thanx so much for your support

Have a Great Hair Day!